File secure erase tool

Modern business permanently faces the problem of unauthorized confidential corporate data access and recovery. Data leakage results in great financial losses, theft of crucial information and dishonest competition. Consequently, enterprises varying in scale and area of activity require robust secure delete software, assigned to delete important information without a trace. ABTO Software’s team has successfully developed such windows secure delete tool allowing to accomplish secure erase of all confidential data due to intelligent wipe techniques utilization.

SecureDeleter for Windows SecureDeleter for Android

Secure delete software for corporate needs

ABTO Software’s secure erase tool will surely bring safety of your corporate documentation to the next level. Our Secure Deleter implements the Department of Defense clearing and sanitizing standard DOD 5220.22-M. You can be absolutely confident that shredded data become non-recoverable forever. With our software you can feel secure even when you’re absent from the office.

This secure erase utility can be utilized for reliable deleting of existing financial documents or completely shred data that is situated in the disk’s unallocated portions (e. g. already deleted or encrypted files). This is an indispensable secure folder delete tool for your office or home computer allowing to forget about major security concerns.

Reliable secure file and folder erase utility

Secure Deleter rewrites deleted file on-disk data using smart wipe techniques proven to make disk data absolutely unrecoverable. Even using recovery technology, able to read patterns in magnetic media that reveal weakly deleted files, will be inefficient.

Use our tool and benefit from simple and fast way to securely delete folders and files from your PC!