High-End Secure SSD and HDD Erasure Tool

ABTO Software’s secure disk erase tool can be successfully utilized by enterprises of different scale and area of activity, at offices and for home computers. This software is a universal application, designed to seamlessly accomplish ssd secure erase and hdd secure erase at affordable price and without any visible efforts. You can absolutely sure that all the crucial data was erased completely and cannot be recovered by any means.

Secure erase hard disk software for your specific needs

Please take a look at some of the major ABTO Software’s disk secure erase tool features:

  • Absolutely secure files and folders erasure
  • Secure erase ssd software
  • Secure erase hard drive application
  • Simple to use interface
  • Works with all Windows-compatible drives
  • Embraces complete safe erasure methods pack
  • Highly reliable
  • Erases previously deleted files/folders and their counterparts
  • Department of Defense clearing and sanitizing standard DOD 5220.22-M compliance
  • System requirements: Windows XP / 2k /Windows Vista / Windows 7

How hard drive secure erase application works

Secure files erasing without any special attributes is relatively simple process. Our secure erase hdd software application rewrites data with one of secure delete patterns. It’s more complicated to deal with Windows NT/2K/XP/7 compressed, sparse and encrypted files. Such files types are NTFS-managed in 16-cluster blocks. To successfully handle them our secure erase disk application utilizes defragmentation API.

Secure Deleter precisely determines the clusters on the disk, occupied by compressed, sparse and encrypted files’ data. Now, secure erase hard drive windows software application can easily open disk and overwrite the clusters.

Another challenge is to clean the free space, since FAT and NTFS delivers no means for application’s direct free space access. Thus, secure delete hard drive application rewrites free space indirectly. After allocating the largest file Secure Deleter accomplishes a secure rewrite ensuring that previously free disk space is securely cleansed.

So, try our tool and it will surely bring numerous benefits to your corporate workflow!