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Don`t leave you personal data unattended.

If you care about safety of your personal information and want to know whether there was access to you PC while you were away – use our top-notch PC monitoring software. Report Computer Usage controls all run processes and make complete PC usage report.

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Let our PC monitoring software keep an eye on your PC data

  • It has interactive interface
  • Makes complete computer usage report
  • Can be protected with password
  • Process start time specified
  • Uses options of identification processes and websites
  • It is compatible with all web browsers

Prevent access to your personal information with strong monitoring tool

Every day working at the computer we use a lot of programs or visit numerous web pages. Report Computer Usage is powerful PC monitoring software that is able to become an irreplaceable tool for various businesses, preventing crucial data leakage caused by illegal activity. At the same time you can utilize this software for parental control. Our monitoring tool allows parents to restrict visiting inappropriate websites by their children. You can also manage time spent on the Internet or computer; choose what programs children are allowed to use.

Report Computer Usage is great software for PC and Web monitoring .It makes the control of computer and Internet activity simple and fast.

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